The Aristocrats at Chatsworth House

OK, so I was swayed to take this job on because it was at Chatsworth House fire garden event. Who wouldn't...he, he !

We arrived at the house with the crew from Apus Productions, and lot of families and entertainers were getting ready for a night of music, entertainment and fireworks.

I helped the team get ready in the old private theatre in one of the towers. When everyone was ready, I helped the actors get onto their stilts. They looked fantastic and very tall. Taking photos of the act will be so easy.....or so I thought.

The Aristocrats began to mingle with the crowd, entertaining and letting them know who this amazing couple were. Adults and children wanted to have their photos taken with the lord and lady of the manner, but this pompous couple made sure this riff-raff knew their place ! ha ha.

The pompous couple watched over the wirework display, laughed with and high-fived the masses (oh how very uncouth darling) and politely reminded the public to 'now you've seen the fireworks... now get out of my garden !'. Everyone loved the couple !

On reflection of the evening, night time photography, thick fog and firework smoke make a terrible combination for good images but I hope you like the photos and video I managed to create.

Do let me know what you think of my photos in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Oh, and if you have a soiree, don't forget to invite The Aristocrats.



Light Night Leeds

I had heard that #lightnightleeds and #artinthedark was a brilliant light projection extravaganza with images projected onto buildings in the heart of Leeds and I wanted to get involved.

A friend told me about an opportunity to work with the team, so I took it.

The Light Night crew and Leeds City Council team met and the photographers were nominated areas of the city to take photos. I was allocated the Headroom, River Aire and the South Bank (Tetley Building) area.

I wasn't sure what to expect but Leeds was buzzing with people and there was a great family feel in the air.

Then the music started and the city lit up !

It was fantastic. I was running around Leeds trying to find venues that I had been allocated to, some of which I had never visited such as St. Anne's Cathedral, Opera North and the Tetley Building.

Wearing the 'stunning', white, high visibility vest, I could go anywhere and photo any event. Wow, living the dream. ha, ha.

I started at St. Anne's Cathedral and photographed the projected blazing sun, while a sound system pumped out captured radio wave signals. It was very impressive.

It was then that I realised how difficult it was; to photograph in low light levels, carry equipment, not trip anyone over while taking photos, and fiddle about with the settings on the camera in the dark.

Hmmmmmmmmm, I need more practice. But then I do like to push myself.

Here are some of the photos I took on the night of various events. Not bad for a first time in the dark but I think practice, practice, practice for this little monkey, enjoy !