Welcome to the Focused Monkey Blog !

Hi and welcome to my Focused Monkey blog !

I've been an 'unofficial' photographer for many years, taking thousands of photos of friends, land marks, promotional photos for a family business, Buddhist iconography which has appeared in calendars and websites, and even assisting at weddings.

Friends have been telling me to "get out there and do it properly", "you've got a really good eye, do it!" and "go on, release your creative beast"...what could I say !

So when an opportunity came along to be an 'official photographer' I took this cheeky monkey by the shoulders and pushed myself out there.

My first official gig just happened to be based at the world famous Glastonbury music festival 2015 #Glasto2015. I was asked to produce a set of images and film footage of The Birds, a street theatre act for Apus Productions based in Hull.

It was an amazing opportunity to be able to work with the team, meet new people and learn about the street theatre and entertainment industry. So many amazing people with amazing ideas and acts !

I met and worked with Sarah-Jayne Curry of Apus Productions, discussing the theme and expectations about the event and performance, times and practicalities. This was so useful as it really helped us work together as a team and produce some really good images and footage for agents and potential clients.

My first official photograph is Major Apus with The Birds. I just love the little girl in awe of the characters. This image was also used by Glastonbury themselves as part of an interview with artists......not bad for my first gig !

Below are some more of the images taken at Glastonbury so please enjoy !

I am really looking forward to working with more street performers, street entertainers, street theatre acts and the public.

Major Apus with the Birds t Glastonbury 2015

Major Apus with The Birds featuring Pinkey engaging with the children at Glastonbury 2015

Adults engaging with The Birds at Glastonbury 2015

A young family taking photos with The Birds at Glastonbury 2015

Bluey and Pinky being stroked by children at Glastonbury 2015

I loved this image so much I decided to use it as my Cover on the Focused Monkey Facebook Page